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Upcoming Events

Postpartum Partner Meetup: Saturday, May 9th at 10am. This presentation is geared toward new dads with expectant or postpartum partners. When a mother is experiencing depression or anxiety, it can be difficult for partners to know how to offer support. This meet up is for dads and partners to learn more about how to help their pregnant or postpartum partners.

Sex and Intimacy After Kids, Couples Workshop: Saturday, June 6th. Intimacy and sex can be a challenge after having kids. This fun workshop will explore the dynamics of relationships and connecting with your partner, pelvic floor health, and expert advice on sex. Presenters will be Alicia Schuster-Couch, Licensed Professional Counselor; Stephanie Perez, Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in pelvic floor health; and Toni Kennedy, Certified Sex Coach and Pro Sex Nerd.

Bringing Baby Home, Couples Workshop: Two day workshop scheduled for June 13th and 14th. The research-based Bringing Baby Home workshops prepare couples for life with baby and helps them be the best parenting team possible. In a relaxed and supportive environment, parents learn to strengthen their relationship and foster baby’s development during this challenging time. They build on what Dr. Gottman and colleagues found is the best predictor of marital adjustment after baby arrives: the quality of friendship in the marriage.

Birth Trauma Therapy Group: Coming Fall 2020, times TBD.  A time limited, group therapy approach for survivors of birth trauma.